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What we do

We offer dedicated communication, sales, marketing and strategic planning services in the wine and food sectors. We support our clients in handling press releases and in relations with the media, in development of sales, breaking into new markets, in building and strengthening the brand and company identity.

Every company is unique and our approach is always to cater for the specific features and requirements of our clients.

In a constantly changing sector it is not possible to simply consolidate existing successes, there are always new challenges to be faced. We bring optimism and tenacity to our commitment to produce results that are real and measurable for each client. We are constantly studying, researching and learning new ways to find and implement innovative and more effective solutions. 

We deal with:

Sales to major clients and multiple retail outlets

  • definition of a development programme;
  • programming and implementation of offers and presentations;
  • management of commercial negotiations with new suppliers;
  • extension of the range to include new products;
  • renewal of supply agreements;
  • planning of promotional campaigns;
  • receipt and control of orders and verification that prices, discounts, quantities and promotional plans agreed are all implemented;
  • extension to new channels and new sales points;
  • monitoring of the competitive scenario, by individual markets and specific sales forums: operators present, prices, promotional profile, numerical and statistical distribution;
  • analyses of profitability by product/channel/client.

To undertake these activities we regularly deal with all the multiple retailers operating at the national level, including: Auchan, Agorà, Bennet, Billa, Coop Italia, Conad, Carrefour, Despar, Eataly, Esselunga, Finiper, Interdis, Pam, Selex, Sisa, Unes, etc.

 Press Office, Media Relations

  • definition of the company position and enhanced layout of information and graphic content;
  • drafting of press folders;
  • planning of communications to address particular objectives, themes, times and counterparts;
  • drafting and distribution of press releases;
  • organization of press conferences, events, tastings;
  • constant representation of the company with journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders;
  • ghostwriting, speechwriting;
  • support in management of the company website and the company profile on social media;
  • monitoring and redistribution of press coverage.

In these activities we deal constantly with journalists, bloggers, opinion makers and with traditional and online media, both specialized in the sector and in general, who cover the topics of food and wine: wines guides, sector associations, sector awards and competitions.

360⁰ Communications

  • support in the creation or revision of images and material for presentation of the company and product;
  • support in the organization of advertising campaigns (print, posters, web or others);
  • management of the advertising budget, annual planning and acquisition of media slots.

Strategic planning

  • analysis of the company/organization/production area in terms of culture, strong points and critical aspects;
  • analysis of the competitive context and of existing risks and opportunities;
  • definition of the best market position pursuable for both the company and product; development of a project for creation, enhancement and consolidation of the company/product reputation and for development of markets.

Development of foreign markets

Support in comprehending the overall competitive scenario and specific markets in order to identify the best commercial opportunities:

  • Development of new markets: identification and management of business partners.
  • Development of sales: negotiations of prices, commercial terms and conditions, sales objectives and promotions.
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