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BELLUSSI – Valdobbiadene, Veneto. One of the best producers of Prosecco, supplier and official sponsor of the Venice Biennale, the Bellussi Spumanti name has made its way into the markets in Italy and abroad, with a strong brand and recognisable packaging, representing prestige and quality Prosecco.

BIOGAIA – Valle del Belice, Sicily. A large agricultural holding of about 300 hectares stretching along the Valle del Belice, now engaged in the development of an ambitious biodynamic agriculture project. All Biogaia products are certified by Demeter, the official certification body for biodynamic agricultural products. In addition to wine, Biogaia also produces, packages and distributes cereals, legumes, extra-virgin olive oil, flour from historic Sicilian grains and pasta typical of Sicily.

CANTINA DI CANNETO – Oltrepo Pavese.

CESARINI SFORZA – Trento, Trentino Alto-Adige.

CHIARLI 1860 – Modena, Emilia Romagna. The history of Lambrusco. Chiarli 1860 is the longest standing and best established label in the Emilia Romagna region. The cellars in Modena produce over 25 million bottles a year, of which 8 million are Lambrusco Doc. It was the name Chiarli that established the reputation of Lambrusco and its success in Italy and abroad.

CLETO CHIARLI TENUTE AGRICOLE – Castelvetro di Modena, Emilia Romagna. The very best of wine growing expertise in Emilia Romagna. Cleto Chiarli Tenute Agricole was set up in 2001 when the Chiarli family decided to open a new cellar in Castelvetro di Modena dedicated exclusively to production of higher quality wines, using only the best grapes from the most favoured slopes of their 105 hectares of property. Castelvetro went on to produce some of the wines now synonymous with the territory, such as the multi-award winning Sorbara Vecchia Modena Premium and Il Fondatore.       

CANTINE COLOSI – Salina, Isole Eolie. 

CANTINA LA-VIS – Trentino Alto-Adige.

MONTALBANO – Vinci, Tuscany. Between Montecatini Terme and Florence, around the town of Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo, the Montalbano Agricola Alimentare Tuscana S.p.A. is an association of the leading agricultural cooperatives operating in the Tuscan olive oil sector for over 50 years. Thanks to this structure, the Montalbano association caters to about 5,600 farmers, handling 20,200 tonnes of olives and producing 3,300 tonnes of Tuscany I.G.P. extra virgin olive oil. Montalbano has always sought and promoted high quality extra virgin olive oils; its products are sold internationally and are certified for quality and total traceability of all phases of production, ensuring the consumer of quality control all the way back to the tree.

QUINTOPASSO – Sozzigalli, Emilia Romagna.

VINI PATRIA – Etna, Sicily. Vini Patria’s Cantina dei Vulcani (the “volcanic cellar”) is a leading player in the heroic struggle to grow grapes on the slopes of Etna – Vini Patria has the largest vineyard in the Etna DOC area and is a rising star in the Italian and international wine sector. It also has over 200 hectares under vine in some of the other best wine growing regions in Sicily. Among its outstanding products are the Rosso Etna Riserva, the Bianco Etna, winner of the silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Brussels 2014 and the Palici spumante. The vineyard pays great attention to single grape varieties, both local and international: their Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Nero d’Avola and Nerello Mascalese are all grown organically.  

VITICOLTORI PONTE – Ponte di Piave, Veneto. This large cooperative has traditionally been deeply rooted in its home territory of the Veneto region but has over time extended its initiatives to the entire wine growing district and is now one of the most important production houses in the north-east of Italy.  There are 1300 producers, 2000 hectares under vine, 4 centres for collection and fermentation, 5 direct outlets, a total of 12 million bottles including over 5 million of Prosecco DOC. The numbers speak for themselves: Viticoltori Ponte is certainly one of principal producers of this much appreciated wine. Campe Dhei is their top of the range line, Giò is geared towards the young, La Fenice is a branded line by exclusive agreement with the historic Venetian theatre.

TENUTA SANT’ANNA – Loncon di Annone, Veneto. This cellar is part of the Genagricola group, the food and agriculture holding for the Generali Assicurazione company. It is located in Loncon di Annone in Veneto, heart of the Lison Pramaggiore DOC area. There are 140 hectares under vine in particularly suitable clay soil which gives the wines softness and intensity. The production is supervised by oenologist Donato Lanati, one of the leading consultants at international level.


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