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MAURIZIO ROCCHELLI is an agency providing marketing and promotional services: since 1980 we have developed specialised skills, helping food and wine producers reach a wider convenience goods market and streamline their commercial services. We work to improve our client’s image and sales; we supply practical support in defining marketing and sales strategies, creating and implementing company communication strategies. The company takes its name from its founder, Maurizio Rocchelli (1935-2011), who set it up in 1980 to support food and wine businesses in the areas of commercial management and marketing, based on his professional experience with leading companies in the sector and also with multiple retail outlets at national level.

Sofia Rocchelli – Partner

A graduate in languages and modern literature, she joined her father's team in 1994 after some experience working in marketing and advertising communications. Until 2003 she was responsible for relations between producers and the multiple retail outlets, before concentrating on the communications activities she now manages. With her brother Pietro she is responsible for projects involving marketing, strategy and research.

Pietro Rocchelli – Partner

A graduate in economics, he joined his father's company in 2002, after some years' experience in the fields of strategic consultancy and executive recruitment. Since 2003 he has been responsible for planning and commercial development for the Italian market and in recent years also for the development of projects in foreign markets. Together with his sister Sofia he is responsible for projects involving marketing, strategy and research. Participates as speaker and instructor at sector conventions and training courses.

Aldo Molinini – Sales manager for multiple retail outlets in Italy

A graduate in economics, he was recruited by Maurizio Rocchelli in February 2004 after previous experience with multinational companies, dealing with client management and commercial development. Now responsible for sales in multiple retail outlets.

Linda Rubini – Press Office Manager

A graduate in the language of the media, she joined Maurizio Rocchelli in January 2008 after a work placement in the communications area. She manages the press office and relations with the media.

Cinzia Collina – Commercial and communications secretariat

Holding a diploma in accounting, she joined Maurizio Rocchelli in February 2003. Responsible for running the secretarial office and the commercial and communications back office.


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